Release Roadmap

This page describes the release roadmap and cycle.

“Inception” (v0.1 Alpha)

Inception is the first release. It will offer cryptocurrency functionalities and mining capabilities expected of a Proof-of-Work blockchain. Users will be able to mine new blocks and send/receive the native coin. Though, miners will only receive rewards through transaction fees and only the coins allocated at genesis make up the total coin supply. This release serves as a base for future improvements. See the repository here.

“Wonkru ” (v0.2 Alpha)

In this release, we will have fully implemented a functional PoW/PoS hybrid consensus mechanism inspired by Decred and Memcoin2. We will also have a fully-featured mining mechanism. This release paves the way for the implementation of collaborative tools, self-executing functions and other features.

“BitRest” (v0.3 Alpha)

This release brings the ability to create, host and serve decentralised git repositories along with governance controls that will allow users to create open and transparent software projects and organisations. Developers of open source projects will be able to create git repositories for their small or large projects. Decentralised systems developers who are passionate about decentralising everything will finally be able to decentralise their code repositories and distributing ownership to their community if needed. Also included, is a reputation system that will be used as a reward for work done and as a proficiency measure of a specific set of skills.

“BitKick” (v0.4 Alpha)

At this point, this release will include the ability to load self-executing functions from a git repository. Several established languages will be supported to allow developers to create these functions without needing to learn new languages. After the series of alpha versions have been released, we will have several Beta versions which include no additional features. After we are sure that there are no significant bugs, the MainNet will be launched.

Release Cycle

Beginning from January 1st, 2019, we will be adopting a 2-months release cycle. Our MainNet will be operational in 2019. But several test networks will be launched before the MainNet is launched.