Core Components

To provide solutions to the core problems, we offer the following components that we believe will serve as the base to build different solutions.

Decentralised Git Hosting

Collaborators need a framework that dictates the rules by which contributions are offered. Today, millions of developers are using Git which has proven to be efficient, decentralized and easy to use. Ellcrys leverages on this technology to provide a familiar contribution model that does not change the way software collaborators currently work.
While Git as a tool is decentralized and can work effectively without any central authority, the distribution of git objects without a central server is not very convenient; This is why services like Github exist to offer git object hosting service. In other for Ellcrys to achieve its vision of creating a system suitable for frictionless, community-driven, transparent collaboration we must provide decentralized git hosting service.
Decentralized git repositories (dRepo) on Ellcrys come with configurable governance tools that will allow community member manage their projects.


Cryptocurrencies are the first application of blockchain technology. They make it possible for people to digitize, program and control value while being able to transfer it faster than present day financial institutions. Cryptocurrency is an integral part of the Ellcrys protocol as it provides the incentives required to keep participants and collaborators dedicated to the daily function and security of the platform.

Autonomous Functions (a.k.a Smart Contracts)

Most blockchains today offer a single core feature of enabling value transfer operations (e.g. Sending money). However, the blockchain technology is quite capable of supporting the computation of arbitrary operations that are immutable and autonomous. Developers can create sophisticated programs that cannot be altered or stopped. This kind of technology is beneficial to communities building software together; They are able to create new rules not supported by the base protocol and improve the transparency of the products they develop.