The Coin (Ell)

This part describes the native currency of the Ellcrys network


Most public, permission-less blockchain networks have an in-built digital currency (a.k.a coins) used major to attract and incentivize participants to continue to support and secure the the network. For example, Bitcoin rewards miners with new coins when they mine a new block. The native coin of a blockchain can also be used to govern the network; Holders of the coin can vote on the direction and leadership of the network as seen in EOS.

Ellcrys Coin

The Ellcrys native coin is known as "Ell" (plural is "Ellies").

Total Supply

The native coin has a supply of 1.5 Billion (1,500,000,000).

Decimals & Symbol

Ellcrys clients support up to 18 decimals. The currency symbol is ELL and denoted by the latin small ȅ (unicode = \u0205). The smallest unit (0.000000000000000001) be referred to as “chakra”.